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3 things I've learned in the US

2015-16 美國交換學生-王韶鴻

I think I really learn a lot from being an exchange student for a year here in the United States. Here are the three main things I learn.

The first thing I learn is how to be more independent. Before I left Taiwan for America, I always thought I was an independent child, but when I came to America and after two or three weeks, I found out I was wrong because when it got to time to make decisions, I don't know what to do. When I was in America, I had to make all my decisions, like what time should I get up to go to school or should I hang out with friends this weekend or should I take this class or not. Nobody was going to decide for me. But after making all these decisions for myself for a whole year, I can say now I know how to make the best choice for me almost every time. I feel like I am a truly independent child now.

The second thing I learn is how to make friends, from a total stranger to a real good friend. When I first came here, honestly, I always thought a lot of people were races, so I was afraid to go up and talk to people. But when some classmates and host family started being nice and talked to me, I found out a lot of people are nice. So I started to go up to strangers, and talked, and made friends with them. Let me say this, I learn that if you don't walk up and talk to people and be nice, nobody is going to talk to you, but if you go up and talk and be nice, they will like you and start talking to you and be friends.

The third thing I learn is American culture. Before I came here, I always thought I knew their culture and could act like one of them. But I was wrong. When I came here, I soon found out they talked in different ways, acted in different ways, and ate in different ways. I had to make a lot of adjustments. Though it was hard to change, I still believed I could do it, so after a year, I can say this proudly now, "I can act like a real American".

When I was in America, I had some really good friends, and also two really nice host family. I am really glad that people here are so nice. And I really enjoyed the time I had with my friends and host family. I also find out most Americas are very nice. And I think the only disappointment I had in the United States was finding a second host family. Before I came here, I already knew my first host family would only host me for two months. I was always afraid I couldn't find a second one. And on the last week in my first host family, my CR still didn't tell me who was going to be my new host family, or even would I have a new host family or not. I became very very worried, but on the last day of that week, she told me a got a new family, and she said they would be a really good one. Indeed, I really really love them. After I got a second host family, I figured out one thing, "always trust people around you who want to help you especially you are not in your own country". Honestly, I know we have different color, but get this, "people who want to help you are always nice and they won't care about colors".

During the year in America, my two most memorable experiences were going to an Atlanta Braves game with my host family and my friends, and going to Carrie Underwood concern with my host sister. I really thought the game was good. The Braves won and the game was excited. I had fun watching them play and had a good time talking to my friends and host family, and I just really enjoyed the game. The Carrie Underwood concern was even better, well, maybe not, but both game and concern were great. Carrie sang several songs, and the stage really had good designs. Especially the last song, Blown away, it was great. Everyone, including me and my host sister, was excited during the concern and stood up almost all the time. We sang along with her sometimes, and she would tell us why she made the songs and some of her stories. That was just unforgettable.

If you ask me will I ever be an exchange student again, I will definitely say yes because I really have very good memories, and I grew a lot, and I really enjoy the time I had with my friends and host family.



2012-13 美國交換學生

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